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A brand born from expertise and passion for fitness and flavor

Our brand journey commenced in 2016 when we realized that the Indian palate is developing a liking towards health conscious food items and this was a blessing in disguise for us. We soon noticed that Peanut Butter is one such product which is gaining great popularity among the Indian audience and as our family had a decade full of experience in exporting Peanut- based products, we decided to initially start with Peanut Butter which could satiate the Indian palate.

We launched our first prototype in December 2016 and later on recreated the product as per the feedback from the consumers. This initial feedback helped us in creating the range of products that MyFitness has today. We are proud that our products are completely “Made in India”.

We crafted MyFitness Peanut Butter with


3X Smoothness


A-Grade Quality Peanuts


less oil separation

which helped us in favoring
the Indian taste buds.


Presenting Partner For


Also, we take great pride in being India’s first ever brand to sponsor Joe Weider’s Mr.Olympia LLC.

Additionally, we are also the first Indian brand to sponsor two IPL teams, Punjab Kings and Delhi Capitals ‘22.


Today, MyFitness is available across a range of flavors (Honey, Chocolate, Natural and Dark Chocolate) and textures (smooth, crispy and crunchy). Moreover, we also received a product invention award for our Chocolate Crispy Peanut Butter as it is the World's 1st Crispy Peanut Butter.


Lastly, we’d like to express our gratitude to all our consumers who have consistently supported MyFitness over the years and have helped us in attaining such a high position in the market today.

Mohammad & Rahil

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